Alla Salute!

Alla Salute!  I think that means “Cheers” in Italian, that’s what Google said anyway.  Are you happy it’s Wednesday?  Me too!  Let’s leave work and get Wine Wednesday started, shall we? Okay…maybe we can wait until 5PM..or 4:30 :).

Remember yesterday’s blog when I mentioned my friends at  Di Vino Wholesalers?  As you know, they invited Jeremy and I over to try their different wines from Italy.  I’m usually a dry red wine gal (Cabernet, Merlot) but Sergio was determined to spark my interest in some of the sweeter wines.  I must say, he succeeded.  Wine Down Wednesday has approved Sangue Di Giuda, aka Blood of Judas as THE summer wine.


Sangue Di Giuda is the perfect summer wine.  It’s a natural sparkling sweet (but not too sweet) red wine from Berte-Cordini Family Vineyards.  I enjoy the natural fizz of this wine, it’s so refreshing and reminds me of champagne!  Sergio and Susie had us pair this “appetizer” wine with assorted fruits and cantuccini (biscotti), it was a perfect pairing!  As an appetizer wine, I  highly recommend buying it as a gift for your next dinner party- the hostess will love it.  This will also mark you as the friend with good taste ;).  The most important part, you can buy this wine for under $10 at Kroger Wine & Spirits or Liquor Barn.  I think my “Real Housewives of Lexington” should have this wine at their next pool and/or dinner party this summer…talking to you Katie, Whitley and Lynzee!

Happy Wine Down Wednesday!

Alla Salute!


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